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Welcome to the Perez Elementary Library Web Page.  My name is Mrs. Cooksey, and it is my privilege and pleasure to serve as the librarian for the students and staff of Perez Elementary for the tenth year!  I've seen so much growth and change at Perez that it is amazing to look back on the years and wonder where the time went.
I look forward to hosting many wonderful activities for our students and creating some awesome events.  If I can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to contact me at 956-971-1125.  The best time to reach me is after 3:30p.m. on Thursdays.  
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Century Club Field Trip Requirements
All students at Perez Elementary are highly encouraged to strive for membership in the Perez A.R. Century Club.   

In order to be eligible to attend the A.R. Century Club Field Trip in May of 2021, students need to earn a minimum of 100 A.R. points by the last Friday in April, and have an average of 80% or better on their exams.   Additionally, students in third through fifth grades must have earned at least 70% of their points from chapter books.  Students will not be allowed to retest on books they have already tested on during prior school years, nor shall any of a student's 100 A.R. points be on duplicate books (i.e., testing on the Spanish version of a book when they have already tested on the English version, testing on an abridged copy of a book and the actual book, etc.) 


Please note that students who are caught violating the academic honesty policy at Perez with respect to Accelerated Reader (A.R.) (i.e., cheating on any A.R. exam - whether they helped another student, had another student test for them, gave students answers, or received answers from another student, etc.) will be ineligible to attend the AR field trip or gain membership into the Century Club. 

Scholastic Book Fair
We will be hosting our a Scholastic Book Fair in November.  Our family night will be on Thursday from 5:00 to 6:30.  Of course, parents are always welcome to visit the book fair during the day with their child's class to assist their child in making their book selections.  And don't forget that we are now using Scholastic eWallet.  This is a great way to give your child funds for the book fair without actually giving them cash money.  See the Scholastic flier for more details.
Want even more book fair fun, volunteer to help out at the book fair.  Volunteers are always needed to make our book fair successful.  Please contact Mrs. Cooksey at 956-971-1125 after 3:30pm to sign up.
Mystery Months Program
The library is hosting a Mystery Month Program for students in second through fifth grades. The program will run throughout January and February. Students who wish to participate must read 5 or more mystery (chapter) books and A. R. test on them earning a grade of 80% or better during the months of January and February. Once students have read five (5) books, they need to complete a Mystery Months Entry Card and submit it to Mrs. Cooksey on or before February 28, 2021. What happens after that . . . Well, it's a mystery.
McAllen Education Foundation Grant
We are super excited to be sponsoring the Perez Quilting Club for 5th grade students again this year.  Two years ago, we starting the Perez Sewing/Quilting Club which is the result of a McAllen Education Foundation (MEF) Grant - It's Sew Easy to Help Your Community. Students in 5th grade had the opportunity to apply for membership in this club.  The purpose of our sewing club is to create quilts to be donated to a cause near and dear to the club members.  This year, thanks to another grant by the McAllen Education Foundation, we will again have our club members decide where they want the quilts to be donated to.  It is sure to be a fun and exciting club where students will develop a sense of civic responsibility and learn some great sewing skills.  Thank you, McAllen Education Foundation for making our dreams come true!
McAllen Education Foundation Grant
Reading and Riding is a new grant that the McAllen Education Foundation is sponsoring this year.  This grant will allow our upper grade students to read a series of books about bicycling and then engage in a fun biking activity with their peers.  It's a great way for our students to get some exercise and have fun with their friends - like we used to do in the old days.  And a great bonus is that the teachers will be riding bikes too!  There is fun for everyone.  The McAllen Education Foundation truly make our dreams come true.
Texas Bluebonnet Club
Students in third through fifth grade are encouraged to read the 20 books nominated for the Bluebonnet Award.  These books are set aside in a special shelf to designate them as current Bluebonnet nominees.  Students must read at least five (5) of the books, take an AR test on each book and earn an average of 80% or better on each book in order to be eligible to participate in the club.  The Bluebonnet Club will meet in January to determine which book is most deserving of the Bluebonnet Award.